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GBC Ultima 65 Office Roll Lamr 1710760

£1,400.80 Ex. VAT

  • Laminates material up to A1 in size
  • Preheating time 10 mins
  • Preset temperature and speed controls
  • Auto shut-off after 120 mins prevents overheating
  • Silicon rubber rollers prevents adhesive build-up and reduces cleaning time
  • Easy load film roll end caps and motorised heat rollers for easier film loading
  • Accepts film thicknesses up to 500 micron (2×250)
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Versatile and compact, the GBC RollSeal Ultima 65 Roll Laminator is an ideal way to preserve posters, maps, banners, blueprints and much more. It comes with a simple keypad operation offering adjustable speed and temperatures. It takes ultra slim 49 micron (2 x 24.5 micron) to heavyweight 500 micron(2 x 250) film, is easy to load and has a retractable trim blade safety feature. The GBC RollSeal Ultima 65 Roll Laminator is the large format laminator and is capable of laminating documents up to A1 size (635 mm wide). It features variable speed controls which allow you to adjust for variations in product thickness and conditions which ensures quality lamination over a wide range of materials. The reverse switch on the control panel is particularly useful if documents are mis-fed and clears film web from the machine. There is an interlocking feed tray and roller shield for safe operation, whilst silicon rubber rollers prevent adhesive build-up and reduce cleaning time. To reduce supply loading time there are film roll alignment guides. ‘Ready’ and ‘wait’ visual and audible signals on the control panel alert the operator to laminator readiness which helps reduce errors.

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