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Igenix Micro Oven Grill 900W 30L IG3091

£216.75 Ex. VAT

  • Combination microwave oven and grill with stainless steel cavity
  • 30 Litres capacity
  • 900W Microwave power consumption
  • 1100W Grill
  • 2500W Convection oven
  • 10 auto cook programmes
  • 95 Minute Timer
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This IG3091 Digital Combination Microwave has a stylish and efficient design which means you get high performance expected of all Igenix products. The 10 pre-programmed auto cook menu includes Pizza, Meat, Potato, Pasta and even Cakes, meaning you can now make even more food with this IG3901. With seven clearly labelled buttons, this microwave is also an ideal choice for users of any age. With a huge 95 minute timer, all you need to do is simply turn the dial to your desired time and let the microwave cook your favourite meals in a flash. Easy-to-use functions – Grilling: With this function you have the option to brown and crisp your microwave meal toppings, grill bacon or even toast garlic bread. Simply pop your foods on to the grill rack provided and select the time and grill option. Halfway through it will beep twice to indicate that the food should be turned over (NB. grilling will continue if not interrupted.) Oven functionality: The oven function acts exactly the same as a conventional oven. It is perfect for large family gatherings when you need extra cooking facilities or if you’re in rush and need to make dinner quickly.

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