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Rexel AutoPlus 130X Shredder 2102559A

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  • IdeAuto Feed feature for maximum of 130 sheets (80 gsm) or 140 sheets (70 gsm) al for small office or home use (1-2 users)
  • Ideal for small office or home use (1-2 users)
  • Shred up to 6 sheets through the manual feed slot
  • P-4 (4x40mm) cross cut pieces
  • 26L bin capacity, 300 A4 sheets
  • Shreds CD’s, credit cards, staples and paper clips
  • Intelligent jam clearance

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Spend 98% less time shredding, save time and money with Auto Feed shredders. The Auto+ 130X micro cut automatically shreds up to 130 sheets (80gsm) or 140 sheets (70gsm) in to P-4 (4x40mm) cross cut pieces. No need to stand and feed the paper, or remove staples or paper clips first. With an automatic feed and a 26 litre bin you can simply load up to 130 A4 sheets and leave it to get on with the job.

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